Teresa Syms host of Powering Through Life

Powering Through Life is designed to help my listeners learn what they can do to encourage happiness and fulfillment in their everyday lives.

Each week I will have a new guest and an exciting topic to discuss.  Our mission is to discuss the wide range of strategies people have adopted to power through their lives while mastering such things as chronic pain, stress, depression and many other challenges we all face every day. 

We will talk about the many different types of practices and modalities people implement for powering through their lives; such as meditation, doodling, baking, hiking and yoga.

Teresa’s Entrepreneurial heart started after a long journey from Human Resources, Accounting, Hairdressing and being a caregiver.

Given the chance to rethink her life several years after a near-death motor vehicle accident, Teresa focused on working from home.  She entered the virtual world and excelled at Coordinating two Internet Radio Shows through her company Syms Solutions. 

Soon she discovered the need for a good internet Radio Station.  Teresa partnered with her husband, Don, who has always been her main Tech Support, and Encouraging YOU Radio was born.  Together, their mission is, Motivating the World Through Conversation.

Teresa’s two main missions throughout her life have been to write a book, which she has now done.  A Century of Secrets, takes you four generations into the core of family life; shows you it is possible to survive brutality from those we call family, and rise above where we come from.  Here other main mission in life is to help guide those who have survived trauma, lost their personal power, or those looking for personal growth.  Her company, Sterling Silver Coaching, was launched in the fall of 2016.  “Life is transformational… Sterling Silver Coaching can help you transform yours.” 

Teresa education was in Business, Majoring in Human Resources with extra emphasis on Employment and Labour Law.  Recently she completed a certificate program from the Acacia Institute, as a High Potential Aspiring Leader.  Always one to be learning, Teresa completed and Authorship course, instructed by Joe Vitali and Adam Mortimer, as well as her Personal Development and Executive Coaching Certification through Achieve Today and Adam Mortimer.



Teresa Syms